Please add the following names to your daily prayer list:
Nancy Vaughan, Bill Carter, Susan Duffee-Braun, Sue Brooks, Harris McDonnell, Sandra Harrison, Jake Raburn, Linda Murrell, Naomi Bellman, Keven Buckalew, Steve & Carolyn Jones, George Dickson, Marie Love, Wonda Williams, Bill Crabb, Martha Galle, Julia Hartridge, Leann Mitchell, Robert Bosarge, Mary Norton, Lucia Baublits, Hazel Jacobs, Sharon Walker, Joy Shanteau, Hunter & Sondra Grantham, Lance Hillman, Bobby Fairly & Family, April Evans, Lisa Morton, Troy Bass, Susan Fink, Jane Reeves, Anne Graham Lotz, Marjorie Abel, John French, Rose Lee Burwell, Doug Bates and Family, John French, Will & Ella Faircloth, Jill Beatty, The Jenness Family, Debra Gilley, Austin Conner, Kevin Decker, Joan Deal, Jeff Dux, Jude McCullough, Ruth Ann Hilderbrand, Debra Gilley, Mariah Rose Coe, Mary Ashbaker, Amber Dennis, Susan Welker Ratcliff and family, Jean Courville, Lyndsey Kimball, Steve Brown and family, Tom East, Pam Tapp, Cheryl Jalanavich

Our Christian love and sympathy to the family of Sterling Crawford

To make a prayer request, immediate prayer, or If you would like more information about St. Paul UMC’s prayer ministry contact :
Joan Simpson (228) 875-1724 or