I’m a “get things done” kind of person with a “stop for a dance party break” kind of mentality. God gave me a heart for ministry when I was in middle school, and I am thankful to say the least that He saw it fit to place me here in Ocean Springs. I am passionate about intergenerational worship, discipleship, and the power of mentoring. The mentors I had in middle and high school were who helped me to see my faith a reality worth clinging to in college and beyond. I love teenagers. I love the underdogs that their elders often see them as. I love the way they don’t overcomplicate anything. I love the opportunities they have to share the Gospel in the tight quarters of their middle and high schools. I have been a youth volunteer for years, and I look forward to leading this incredible group of students and teaching them, as I am confident they will teach me a thing or two as well.