Heyyo Everyone! Having grown up an Ocean Springs native, I have a love for the ministry opportunities around our beautiful community! I am currently a student at The University of Southern Mississippi #SMTTT, pursuing my Elementary Education Degree. Between the opportunities here at St. Paul and out in the community, tween ministry has always been my focus, as I frequently call them “my people.” Getting into the daily grind and throwing parties is what I do best, really whatever it takes to connect our tweens into the power of knowing Christ and making a worldwide impact. Your students should see a lot of me around at the Upper Elementary and always engaging students and their families to come hang out with us! Also, fun fact, I am creative visionary of secret handshakes. If you can’t find me around the church, guarantee that I am either out exploring our beautiful coast and snapping some pics of anything and everything, or hanging out at Biloxi Shuckers Baseball.