Can you please help St. Paul for 1 or 2 or possibly 3 hours?

Your Board of Trustees needs your help on Saturday, September 24th beginning at 8:00 am. The East Campus grounds are in desperate need of maintenance. Recently the Trustees agreed to contract with a lawn maintenance company to cut grass, weed-eat and blow hard surfaces clean. There will also be a lawn service company which will trim shrubs & crepe myrtles, weed all of the flower beds, spray all Crack/Torpedo grass, fertilize all flower beds, and mulch flower beds later this month.
The lawn service companies identified above will not do the following, thus we need your help.

  • We need help from those who have either small chain saws, or pole saws and utility trailers. The tasks needed are to
    • (1) trim tree limbs to a height of about six feet above the ground,
    • (2) cut & remove dead trees,
    • (3) cut tree stumps at ground level
    • (4) remove a number of the sago palms which are blocking drivers lines of sight for entering & exiting the Campus,
    • (5) remove some brush near the Campus entrances which are encroaching Church property, and
    • (6) haul the tree limbs/debris to the city landfill area before 3 pm.
  • We need members to also;
    • (1) load other non-used items which are lying around the Campus onto trailers or trucks to be taken to the landfill,
    • (2) spray Round-up/grass killer on grass which is growing on the parking lots,
    • (3) apply ant killer bait on the numerous fire ant mounds throughout the Campus grounds.

St. Paul will provide the following items for those members working on September 24:

  • Round-up concentrate.
  • Ant Killer bait (granular).

We need members who can bring the following:

  • Pick-up truck.
  • Utility trailer, car.
  • 1 or 2 gallon pressure sprayer.
  • Work gloves and boots, gas powered or serrated pole saw, limb lopper, etc.

In the event of rain on September 24, we have October 1 as an alternate date. If you can help with any of the above would you please contact Charlie Neumann either by email, text, or phone so he can plan accordingly? Thank You for your help!