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Welcome New Members

Take a moment to welcome the following new members to our St. Paul Family. 

Dr. Rick Brooks, Senior Pastor

Dr. Rick Brooks, Senior Pastor

Dear St. Paul Family,

Dr. Eduard Schweizer said that “Discipleship always begins with Jesus’ looking at a person.” This Sunday we will explore the way Jesus often shows up quite suddenly, inviting us to a new stage of following him with “Suddenly, Jesus!,” Mark 1: 14-20. We’ll look at how everything changes when, in a moment’s time, we realize we are being seen by Jesus. The music at 9:00 East and 11:00 Downtown services will also invite us into the opportune “time” that Jesus makes possible.

At 9:00 Downtown, George Duffee-Braun will also be taking up Mark 1: 14-20 with his message entitled “Turning.”

At “Live at 11:11” the “Begin Again” series continues this week with “Faith (Deconstructed),” examining how over time one’s childhood faith begins to cave under the heavy weight of the pressure of the real adult world – a world of broken promises, loss, and pain. M.J. Kirby will take up the question of how these real-life experiences can be reconciled with the “God is good” stories we’re taught from young age.

Have a blessed week, and see you Sunday!


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