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Take a moment to welcome the following new members to our St. Paul Family. 

Thoughts From The Pastor

 Dr. Rick Brooks, Senior Pastor

Dr. Rick Brooks, Senior Pastor

Dear St. Paul Family,

St. Paul is in the process of verifying and updating each member’s personal information. This information is vital for a variety of reasons. You will be asked to carefully review your information for accuracy, making corrections, additions and/or deletions before returning your information sheets in a preaddressed envelope. The mail-outs will begin going out next Wednesday or Thursday. Thanks for your help with this as you receive the mailing, and special thanks to Gerda Leek, Russ Bayne, Terry Fordemwalt (Membership Secretary), and Doug Somerville who have worked on or assisted with this task.

This Sunday at 9:00 East and 11:00 Downtown services we’ll be continuing our focus on David in the Bible with the fascinating account of David and his entourage moving the Ark of the Covenant out of storage to Jerusalem, when the Ark is jolted from the oxcart holding it, and Uzzah (one of the attendants) is struck dead when he reaches out to steady the Ark (2 Samuel 6: 1-19). Contrasting the attitude of Uzzah with the attitude of David toward God and things holy provides a powerful distinction for any who would worship and serve a God who is sovereign, free, and holy.

At 9:00 Downtown, Betty Weaver will focus on Matthew 5: 13-20, offering a message entitled “Heart Dis-ease: Textbook Case.”

At “Live at 11:11,” M.J. Kirby continues a series on the Old Testament with “A Survey of Covenant Relationships: Moses 604.”

Have a great weekend and see you Sunday!



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